We’re different…

Cornerstone Couriers are superbly different. Since 2000 we have developed a paradigm which focuses on serving you – the client – in ways that will make a huge difference to the manner in which you do business – if courier is an important component of your marketing mix.

Why are we different…

The key stakeholders in the business have all learnt their craft outside of the courier industry. We’ve all been demanding users of courier services.

  • One has a background in international marketing – with companies like Unilever and Appletiser
  • another has key management experience in SA’s leading prestige retailer, Woolworths
  • and yet another has a solid background in general management.

This means that we understand things from the client’s perspective, and together we offer a powerful mix of benefits to our clients – who include some of SA’s leading blue chip companies – such as ADT Security, MTN Harris Cellular, Chep SA (Pty) Ltd, Bidvest Panalpina and Fidelity Supercare Cleaning.

What are the differences…

The key differentiators can be summarized with the acronym C A R E:

  • Customer orientation – due to our experience as demanding users of courier services
  • Accessibility – the CEO’s personal phone number is printed on every waybill. You can get hold of him or his assistant 24/7
  • Resourcefulness – if it can be done – we’ll find a way of doing it – and within a time frame that suits you
  • Effective communication – which underpins everything we do. If you’ve sent something to Cape Town and the airport is fogged in – your parcel will be late – but you’ll know about it before your client phones you to complain – because we stay in close touch with all our service providers, and train them to communicate proactively.

In summary

We focus on providing a very personalized service. The service to every client is managed by the CEO himself – and this results in a very responsive service. Our slogan is “there must be a better way” – which reflects our ongoing dissatisfaction with the standards we’ve set. We’re constantly striving to improve on them, and this helps us to avoid becoming complacent. So see for yourself – switch over to