General Info

Annual Escalation: Cornerstone Couriers reviews its tariffs on the 1st of January annually, but reserves the right to increase rates without notice should exceptional circumstance warrant this.

Chargeable Mass: The greater of volumetric or actual mass will be charged. Volumetric mass is calculated as follows:

Length (cm) X Width (cm) X Height (cm)
Service Type Volumetric Factor
The following Volumetric Factors are applicable:
5000 Volumetric Factor SDC
Sameday Courier
Dawn Courier
Overnight Express
Next Day Service
International Courier Documents
International Courier Non-Documents
International Airfreight
4000 Volumetric Factor ECO Economy Service

International service weight, size and volumetric limitations: All consignments will be subject to the following limitations:

Maximum weight: 68 kg per package / piece
Maximum length: 274 cm
Maximum overall dimensions (length and girth) 330 cm

Special arrangements will need to be made to accommodate consignments that do not conform to the above restrictions. Kindly contact Cornerstone Couriers for further assistance.

Currency Surcharge: A currency surcharge is levied on the total freight tariff per Waybill for all International shipments. The currency surcharge is reviewed monthly in line with the Rand exchange rate to Sterling and the US Dollar. 

Fuel Surcharge: A fuel surcharge is levied on the total invoice value per Waybill prior to VAT being applied. The fuel surcharge is reviewed monthly in line with the fuel price.

Security Surcharge: A security surcharge is levied on the total chargeable mass of each Waybill prior to VAT being applied.

Insurance Cover: There is no compensation for consignments lost or damaged in transit. In order to be covered for such losses the insurance value must be declared on the Waybill and the insurance option must be requested on the Waybill. A premium will be charged for this, and an excess will apply to all claims. In the event that a claim may arise, a formal claim form with supporting invoices must be submitted to Cornerstone Couriers within 3 days of the collection or delivery. Please refer to our Standard Trading Conditions (13).

Electronic Statements and Invoices: Electronic statements and invoices are available at no extra cost. Kindly contact Cornerstone Couriers to arrange for this facility.

Specialised Commodities: Specialised handling is required for shipments of a hazardous, dangerous, fragile, valuable or perishable nature. Kindly contact Cornerstone Couriers for further assistance. It is also recorded that some of these commodities may attract a surcharge and may also be prohibited from being transported by air.

Proof of Delivery: These may be obtained by clicking on the TRACK & TRACE tab at the top on the left.

Terms of payment:

Account holders: All tariffs quoted are in South African Rands and are exclusive of VAT. Where appropriate, VAT will be charged. Our credit and payment terms are strictly 7 days from date of invoice on all import related services and 30 days from date of statement on all other services.

Cash Customers: All transaction are cash prior to collection. This can be paid by EFT (electronic funds transfer) or by cheque deposit into our bank account (details on request). Deposits of cheques or cash into our bank account attract an additional fee, which must be added to the tariff quoted.

Standard Trading Condition: Please note that all business undertaken by Cornerstone Couriers is subject to our Standard Trading Conditions.